Privacy Policy

  1. These terms and conditions (Terms) apply in relation to the websites located at or or (the Websites) and the use of the Singularity8 platforms, i.e. Metasport8 and MetaSchool8 applications (the Applications). The Websites and Applications are owned and operated by MetaSport (Pty) Ltd. Trading as Singularity8 South Africa (Registration No. 2011/006127/07), a private company with limited liability incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa (Singularity8).
  2. These Terms are binding on everyone who chooses to access the Websites and use the Applications without qualification or exception. By using this Websites and Applications, the person accessing the Website (the User) agrees to be bound by these Terms, and acknowledges that the User has read and understood them. If the User does not agree to any of the Terms, the User should not enter, view or make use of the Website or the Application.
  3. Singularity8 has formed this Privacy Policy to uphold ethical and legal standards in offering services to the User.
  4. Certain information (including personal information) regarding the User can be obtained in the following ways:
    1. automatically, through cookies, device IDs, geo-location information, traffic to and from the Website, referring URL, ad data and other means;
    2. when a User registers his/her profile on the Website and/or Application and/or when a User elects to upload data on the Websites and/or Web Applications, by specifically requiring such User to disclose his/her personal details, including but not limited to a User’s name, surname, identity number, email address, residential and postal address and/or cell phone number;
    3. through information that a User provides to Metasport via third party services;
    4. via a User’s mobile device which, inter alia, provides such User’s location (if such User has enabled this service).
  5. The information referred to in clause ‎4 assists Singularity8 in managing the Websites and the Applications, validating the Users, determining access permissions and providing functionality and services to Users.
  6. By using the Websites, the User consents to all such processing or storage of the User’s personal information.  In the event that the User is under the age of 18, Singularity8 shall seek the User’s parent’s or legal guardian’s consent for the processing of the User’s personal information.
  7. The User consents to Singularity8 retaining the Users information, as referred to in clause ‎4, for as long as the User makes use of the Websites and/or the Applications.
  8. Singularity8 may, as a result of a User’s electronic or other communication with it, send electronic messages or other marketing communications of a marketing, promotional or commercial nature to such User. The User may at any time opt out of receiving such further communications.
  9. Metasport may make use of Users’ profile information to compile information for statistical purposes and to use such profiles in the course of its business. However, Singularity8 undertakes not to allow these profiles and/or statistical data to be linked to an User’s personal profile and contact details by and to any third party.
  10. The User shall assist Singularity8 to ensure that any and all data provided by the User is up-to-date and accurate.
  11. Singularity8 undertakes to use the User’s personal information for internal purposes only and not to provide such information to any third party, unless:
    1. such third party is a service provider with whom Singularity8 has entered into an agreement to help with the provision of certain services on the Websites and Applications, including but not limited to financial service providers, marketing agencies and technical support;
    2. such third party is an intellectual property rights holder, supervisory authority, tax authority, police and/or other regulatory authority required or entitled to carry out certain legal obligations;
    3. such third party is a company with whom Singularity8 intends merging; or
  12. Singularity8 has been given the User’s or the User’s parent’s or legal guardian’s express consent to share such information.
  13. Contact Details: For any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, the Websites, the Terms, and/or any related issues, please contact Singularity8 at

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