come your best you.

Imagine how empowered the teachers, parents, and students in your school would be if they had instant access to all the information they needed to help them reach their full potential.


Now imagine a tool that condensed all of this information into something useful and gave you a friendly space to discuss it, and then take action.


Welcome to MetaSchool.


Make your school thrive.

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Become your best you.


MetaSchool is an online performance management platform that connects all performance areas (including all academic subjects, sports, attendance, cultural activities, discipline, etc.) into a single centralised system.


With access to live information, MetaSchool forms a streamlined feedback loop that stimulates behavioral change in students, teachers, and parents. The resulting cycle of evidence, relevance, consequence and action provide the foundations for improved individual performance and institutional excellence. In other words, it helps you become the best that you can be.


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