Clear communication


MetaSchool connects a school to its learners, teachers, parents and administrators by managing all of your school’s documents, teaching resources, tests, and attendance records in a single place. It also comes with a neat calendar and messaging system which lets you work with the tons of information.

It’s all in the cloud


On holiday in Bali? No problem: all the information is kept online, so you can check in from anywhere, anytime.

Custom permissions


You get to decide who gets to see what.

Spend time teaching


Modern teachers spend most of their time on admin tasks, instead of actually teaching. MetaSchool fixes this by handling the humdrum so that teachers can spend more time shaping the minds of our future.

Dynamic platform


Your school is unique. We get that. That’s why MetaSchool lets you measure and record exactly what you need, how you need it.

Instant reporting


By the time quarterly or annual reports are processed it’s too late to do anything about poor results. Imagine the impact of being able to monitor a student’s progress in real-time. The result is complete proactive development that is personalised, efficient and effective.


Live reporting

Whenever you want, you can see a live overview of how you’re performing.


View and record the attendance of each individual in your group.


Front & Back office stay 100% synced.


Your information is safely stored and synced on the Singularity database and used to personalise your experience.


Stay connected by sending messages directly to anyone in your organisation, all from within the Singularity app.


All of the events related to your school can be captured on a single live calendar.


Create your own questionnaire. Instantly receive feedback. See results and set your own viewing preference.


Financial management becomes a breeze with integrated payment portal & accounting systems powered by Sage.


Extend your learning environment to each home with complete remedial packages from Cami.

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Thanks to the groundbreaking innovations in organisational sport science by Singularity’s MetaSport, any educational organisation can also run their entire sports program on the MetaSchool platform.

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